Ruth Donnelly and Cathy Come On Down!!!

Ruth Donnelly and Cathy (posted July 3 at 11:29)

you’re the winners of Stephanie Greene’s newest middle grade novels,

Happy Birthday, Sophie Hartley


Princess Posey And The First Grade Parade.

Email with your contact information and I’ll mail you a signed copy of the book of your choice!

Thanks everyone for your great comments. There are some wonderful reading recommendations there!

Tami Lewis Brown

4 responses to “Ruth Donnelly and Cathy Come On Down!!!

  1. Thanks so much! I’m very excited about winning a signed book! Interesting fact: my maiden name was Posey (yep, spelled the same way)!

  2. Congrats Ruth and Cathy!

  3. Tami Lewis Brown

    Cathy- I have your info and I’ll pop your book in the mail… and I’m emailing Stephanie with your comment right now. She’ll be thrilled that you’re thrilled!

  4. Cathy Stakey

    I actually jumped up and down when I read that I was a winner of one of Stephanie Greene’s newest novels. And after I explained why to my daughter sitting across the room, she actually stopped reading her Facebook wall and responded with “That’s COOL!”

    You bet it’s cool! Thank you!