The Great Library Giveaway

Some of the books we've compiled for our Great Library Giveaway

NOTE: We are no longer taking nominations for this giveaway.  Go here to see which library won our middle-grade collection!

This blog exists because we as authors love middle-grade books. You do, too, or you wouldn’t be reading this! We want to put more books, more adventure, more mystery, love, coming-of-age, magic, and wonder into the hands of middle-grade readers.  So this fall we’ve pulled together stacks and stacks of the latest and greatest books.  And we want to send them to a place where they can be well-loved:  a local or school library.

We couldn’t figure out which one should receive our middle-grade collection, though.  So we decided we’d have you, our readers, help us by nominating your favorite library.

To do so, simply post a comment below with the name of the library you’d like to see us ship these books to. Only one nomination per person, please.  However, you may earn up to three additional entries for either the same library or a different one by tweeting/blogging/facebooking this giveaway.  For additional entries to count, each must be in a separate comment with the link and the name of the library listed.

While nominating, please keep in mind that the library must serve our target audience of 8-12-year-olds in order to be eligible.  See our Great Library Giveaway FAQ for this and other official rules.

Flickr photo by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Though only libraries are eligible to win, anyone can nominate.  Librarians, library patrons, media specialists, students, teachers–even teachers from the same school!–mothers, fathers, people who aren’t parents–if you’re reading this, you are eligible to nominate.  Our random generator will choose the winning library on Tuesday, November 30, 2010.

So nominate a library today! You don’t even have to pay for postage! Just comment and YOU might be the winner who puts these wonderful books onto the shelves of your favorite library.

Flickr photo by Svadilfari

And, as thanks, if your entry is the one chosen as the winner, we will also send you a $25 gift certificate from your local independent bookstore to purchase even more great titles for your own personal home library!

We’ll be highlighting all the titles in our middle-grade book collection throughout the giveaway period, but you can see the complete list here.  In addition, we would love to see this collection grow, so if you or someone you know would like to donate a middle-grade book to this giveaway, details can be found here.  We’ll keep our list of titles up-to-date, so you can see what has been donated.

Hooray for libraries, and hooray for middle-grade books!

Elissa Cruz

381 responses to “The Great Library Giveaway

  1. Posted about the giveaway on my facebook page:

  2. I’m nominating the Nipomo Elementary School Library in Nipomo California. The libraries serves K – 6 grade students. California schools have been hit so hard with budget problems now that our school libraries are not getting any funding–and Nipomo Elementary is a very low income school. Many kids don’t have books at home and the only books they get to read are from the school library. And they really LOVE books!

  3. Here is another entry for the Springfield Town Library. You can find my Facebook post here!/saputnam

  4. To earn another entry for the Springfield Town Library, I tweeted about the contest here:

  5. What a terrific idea! I would love to win this for the Springfield Town Library as it would be a wonderful boost to their children’s collection.

  6. I would like to nominate the Janet F. Harte library in Flour Bluff (Corpus Christi) Texas. Unlike the newer library on the more affluent and growing side of town, most of the books on the mg shelves at Harte are well worn older titles. I see very few newer releases coming into this particular branch. Libraries in Corpus Christi serve a dual role as public and school libraries. Flour Bluff is a mostly lower income neighborhood of Corpus Christi, and it has its own school system. The schools and library also serve children from the nearby Navy base.

  7. I posted about your wonderful contest on my blog: . Can you tell I love the Lewisville Branch Library?

  8. To get another entry for the Lewisville Branch Library, I tweeted about the contest here: .

  9. I would like to nominate the Lewisville Branch Library in Forsyth County. They are located in front of an elementary school and do so much for the community. Unfortunately, there are too many empty shelves in their children’s section. I would love it if you could add to their collection.

  10. I would like to nominate the library at Dawnwood Middle School, in Centereach, NY. The kids there have a voracious appetite for reading. The library should have a revolving door because the kids are constantly in and out of there to borrow books. It would be wonderful if a school, with such avid readers, could benefit from this contest.

    Thank you.
    Lee Mandel

  11. I would LOVE for these to go to my library at Mission Manor Elementary School in Tucson, AZ.

    It’s a low-income area, and we’re really working to instill a love of reading in these kids. Our funding has really bottomed out, and we’re doing the best we can to keep things on the shelves that are new and current!

  12. Cheryl Phillips

    Perfect timing. School libraries in California have had nearly all their State book funding cut over the past 5 years. I would love to nominate my library at Peachland Elementary School. It’s open everyday for the students but the pickings are getting mighty slim and it would be such a gift to add some middle grade titles for our great K-6 students.

  13. What a wonderful giveaway! I don’t have a library to nominate. The library where my kids go to school is wonderful, but they get lots of support from the PTA and parents. I hope you find a school that needs the books more than mine. It’s a wonderful donation you’re making.

  14. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for supporting libraries! My favorite library is the library at the school where I teach – Peachland Elementary. The Brian Skinner Memorial Library is named after our beloved principal, who passed away several years ago after a lengthy battle with cancer.