A Special Holiday Vlog!

We wanted to do something special for you guys this holiday season, and we couldn’t think of anything better than sending our seasonal wishes as our very first vlog. Happy viewing and we hope you enjoy!

Have the merriest of holidays, safe travels, and lots of time with warm, cozy books!

Kimberley Little

7 responses to “A Special Holiday Vlog!

  1. What a great holiday vlog. Wishing you all a happy holiday and abundant new year. Thanks for all you do for the children’s writing and illustrating community. You guys rock!!!

  2. how great! Wonderful job Shannon! lovely to “meet” people by face at least!

  3. Karen Schwartz

    Shannon, that was fantastic! Are you in the vlog? I didn’t see you!

  4. Thank you, Shannon! It’s so great to match faces with names at long last! Happy holidays, everyone!

  5. Diana Greenwood

    Fantastic!! Shannon, you do us proud. Happy holidays to all.

  6. Many thanks to Shannon Messenger for making this beautiful vlog!

  7. Now, what a perfect way to start the morning blog reading! All the best this holiday season to all of you!