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Membership status: We are currently CLOSED to new members.  Also, please feel free to participate in our discussions by leaving a comment at the bottom of a page or post.  Thank you for supporting From the Mixed-Up Files!

When we do have openings, here are our membership qualifications:

Dedicated writers  of middle-grade literature.  We are also open to teachers and librarians who are dedicated readers of middle-grade literature.

Willing to contribute regularly scheduled blog posts, comment on the posts of others, and share/promote Mixed-Up Files content on social media on a monthly basis in addition to taking on one additional job to help keep our website updated and running smoothly.

Daring to be different: We want to offer more in this one spot than can be found anywhere else on the web. And we don’t want to serve leftovers or already digested bits. Think new! Think exciting! Think BIG!

We love comments and hope you’ll participate in our blog discussions. We even like it if you don’t agree with us! Just keep it clean and don’t throw tomatoes at anyone.

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22 responses to “Want to Join Us?

  1. From the Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler is one of my all-time, best-loved MG books and your Mixed-Up MG website is my favorite site for MG writers. Yes it’s flattery, but it’s also sincere. If you had a waiting list for members, I’d be on it. (Sigh.) If you’re ever in need of a guest blogger, I’d be happy to volunteer.

  2. Hi everyone

    This is a fantastic site and I’ve just subscribed to your newsletter.
    I’m a British writer for children and haven’t come across anything like this on this side of the pond.
    I’m a member of the Society of Authors here and used to be represented by Watson Little but after illness put a stop to my teaching career I stopped writing.

    Several years ago I started to develop an idea and have found getting back into writing a huge bonus in my life. Which is why, when I finished a new novel I decided to go down the self publishing route. I used an old friend at Penguin as editor and I am looking forward to seeing if I can find a market for my work.
    Without wishing to sound too dramatic the whole undertaking makes it easier to get up in the mornings!

    As I say, I’m looking forward to reading all about what your group is up to.

    Best wishes to all your writers, readers and teachers.

    My book is available at:

    My website is : http://www.takethecoins.com.

    GL Wilson.

  3. Nancy Messmore

    Oh my gosh, would you be interested in having a children’s librarian join your ranks? I would love to add my perspective–someone that’s in the trenches recommending & discussing books with “tweens”. I’ve got experience blogging–I had 2 moderately popular review blogs (one for children’s materials through age 11 and one for teen/young adult reviews) that I’ve let lapse because the focus was way too wide. Being able to blog again, with a narrower focus, would be so much fun!

  4. How exciting that you are now open for membership! I’ve subscribed to your blog for quite a while. Also, I was featured on your blog with the publication of my first middle grade, BIG RIVER’S DAUGHTER. My second grade novel, is Girls of Gettysburg and was released by Holiday House (Aug. 2014). It comes recommended by Booklist as “a unique, exciting work.” School Library Journal calls the book a “riveting historical fiction.” The book is listed as a Hot Pick on Children’s Book Council for September 2014. It also comes recommended by the Historical Novel Society, an international literary society: “This book is gripping, the details strong, and the characters compelling. The historical detail is engrossing, as are the experiences of these three remarkable girls. … I was very much emotionally engaged by this book, and feel it is a wonderful junior companion to the likes of Shaara’s or Peters’ books about the same battle.”

    My first middle grade novel, Big River’s Daughter (Holiday House, 2013) comes recommended by the International Reading Association, and was nominated for the Amelia Bloomer Project (American Library Association, 2013). The book is listed on A Mighty Girl’s Top 2013 Mighty Girl Books for Tweens and Teens.

    Let me know what I need to do if you think this is a good fit! Bobbi Miller