Book Lists!

We continue to compile specialty, middle-grade book lists for the hard-to-please reader in your life.  Check back often, as we regularly update our archive.

Mixed-Up Files Book Lists:

21 responses to “Book Lists!

  1. What a wonderful site! Thank you for sharing so many awesome middle-grade books – my favorite age to teach and favorite books to read! 🙂 Please consider Christmas Nevermore by Marc Cadieux and Herve Bastien for your book lists. Read all about it (and watch the book trailer) here: Thank you again! 🙂

  2. I love this list of books! Excellent!

  3. This is a very interesting site for me.. I never got around to read all that many middle grade books. I didn’t read much as a child but when I started reading as a teen I jumped to YA fantasy novels and never looked back..
    I’ll have to browse through the lists more closely to pick something I like…
    I’m having an interview and a giveaway for a MG author, come check it out, here.

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  6. Sydney Salter reviewed my debut mg novel, “Calli Be Gold” in March 2011. Wondering if it might be a good addition to CONTEMPORARY – Ordinary Kids, Extraordinary Stories, as it’s the story of the youngest child in a family of overachievers who finds her own way to shine. Thanks for considering!

  7. Great lists! I’d love to recommend Brandon Sanderson’s Alcatraz books in the fantasy category. They are very silly and great fun to read aloud and both my boys and girls love them!

  8. Cathy,

    We’ll see what we can come up with! And thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think we had multicultural books on our list yet.

  9. I am looking for a middle grade book list of multicultural titles. I am trying to gather choices for literature circles that promote diversity and teach middle grade students about cultures beyond their own. Any suggestions?

  10. This is a really neat website! It’s rather an odd place for me, because when I was growing up I read almost nothing but adult fantasy fiction, not middle-grade books. There was nothing like this for middle-grade children when I was of that age-or if there was it was all a bunch of politically correct nonsense, so I find it hard to suggest any books to add to your recommended reading list. Except, perhaps, a list for girls. I know girls will read nearly anything once they get going, but since you have a list for boys why not round things out with a list for girls?

  11. Good idea, Inara! We’ll get on it:)

  12. How about a list of paranormal and fantasy books for upper MG readers? Young adult literature has become more sexual and violent of late, but it’s also so popular maybe tween girls are reading up into it. I’d love to see a list of books that are exciting enough to grab the attention of the almost-YA-readers, but don’t have the mature content of the YA books.

  13. Thank you for what you are doing for teachers and, in turn, the students with whom they teach AND learn! Major kudos, MixedUpFiles peeps!

  14. Love all these lists!

  15. Welcome, and good for you! Middle grade books rock. Readers at that stage may be the most accepting, open, enthusiastic readers of them all. They’re still excited about books and they’re young enough not to have become discouraged. Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you if you don’t grab a kid as a reader by the time he/she is in the 4th grade, you may not grab them at all. I say, let’s grab each and every one with wonderful middle grade books.

    I’m so glad you’ve started this site. GREAT NAME, btw.