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Here’s the spot to find links to author websites with kid-friendly material. Check back often for new links.

M.G.’S Spring Update: Check this out . . .

Here’s a fun site with an even better name . . . Slime Kids, which stands for School Library Media Kids. It’s packed full of book reviews, book trailers, author websites and games. An

M.G.’s October recommendations:

You can find Beverly Cleary’s Ramona and friends at

Bruce Hale’s website is a great place to spend time with Chet Gekko, Private Eye. You can even learn how to draw Chet yourself. Check out

Author Laurie Friedman’s character, Mallory McDonald, has her very own website with information about Mallory and her friends along with recipes and printable activities. Go to

Another fun site that is jam-packed with puzzles and activities to explore is This is the online office of Jody Feldman, author of The Gollywhopper Games and The Seventh Level.

Have fun!

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  2. Must the links you provide be from famous authors? I may not be famous, but my blog certainly is. It’s famous with poetry reading tough guys who like to get away with stuff, and learn a thing or two in the process. I invite you to go to where the bully gets the wedgie, and share it with your young readers if meets your criteria.

    Thanks you
    Steven Micciche
    a.k.a. the toughest guy in the world


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