The Great Library Giveaway Donations

Our Great Library Giveaway is only as good as its donations.  And if you’d like to make it better than it already is, you can!

We are accepting any traditionally published middle-grade book you wish to donate.  The book should be new or like-new, and it doesn’t have to be one you’ve written. Donate your favorite book, or your middle-grader’s favorite book, or your students’ favorite, your neighbor’s favorite, your sister’s daughter’s best friend’s favorite.  You can send one, two, three, or a box full of middle-grade books.  We’ll gladly take whatever you want to donate.  (We are particularly interested in more non-fiction titles, but fiction titles are welcome, too.)

Because these books will be used by library patrons who might be rough on books, we are asking for hardcovers unless the book is only available in paperback.

For authors who wish to donate a signed copy, please do (even if you see someone else has already donated your book).  We will simply use the unsigned copy for one of our future giveaways.  (We would also be grateful for a book plate to add to the copy donated by another.)

Once you’ve identified what you would like to donate, please send us an email with “The Great Library Giveaway” in the subject heading to librarygiveaway at fromthemixedupfiles dot com.  Make sure to tell us the title and author of the book in the body of the email.  We will reply with a mailing address and our heartfelt thanks, and we will add your donation to our complete list of donated books.  You know your donation has been received by us when the text of the title you’ve donated changes to green on our list.  We ask that all books be shipped no later than Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

Thank you, fellow Mixed-Up readers, for everything you do to help get middle-grade books into the hands of middle-grade readers!

6 responses to “The Great Library Giveaway Donations

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  2. We are nominating the Shiawassee District Library headquartered in Owosso, Michigan.
    Thank you.


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  5. I’ve been trying to e-mail you the following message with no luck:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Lee Mandel, and my debut novel, “Frog Burgers,” has recently been released. It is available through but I would like to contribute a copy to The Great Library Giveaway. It is only available in soft cover. If I may send it, please advise of an address where I can mail it.

    Thank you.

    Lee Mandel


  6. Would love to help my school w/your gift of books!
    Oelwein Middle School, Oelwein,IA


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